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​Hi fellow Overcomers! My first course of action was getting rid of all of those soft drinks that were wreaking havoc on my blood glucose levels. It didn’t take much time to bring my numbers down once I switched to sugar free drinks and started forcing myself to drink water. After that it was eliminating white potatoes. 

On the free download are substitutes for the main food items I had to minimize in my eating plan. Some I liked, some not so much but the main idea is that when you look at your plate, you see foods full of color that says EAT LIFE! 

Please feel free to share your experiences as to what it took for you or someone you know to get a handle on diabetes and become an OVERCOMER!


  1. Hi all! After giving up the sugary drinks I went to artificial sweeteners! From there herbal teas and coffee without sweeteners. It was difficult for me but well worth it. Live life eat well

    1. Yes. Eliminating sugary beverages is a great start to controlling your blood sugar!

  2. Hello. Nice blog. I recently had an experience with gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy. It went away afterwards, but I was advised it is more likely to get type 2 now. Therefore, I am taking the necessary steps to prevent that. I have cut back on sugar and am on a low carb meal plan. Sometimes, I do keto as well. It has helped me be balanced and drop a good amount of weight and I'm still losing! Simply controlling your sugar intake can be so beneficial and counter many issues that come with diabetes.

  3. Thank you and yes during this pandemic it has been especially important for those who have the diabetes and other underlying conditions to make sure you take very good care of our bodies, make sure our blood sugar levels are regulated and do everything we can to ensure our best chances against fighting against this covid-19. I hope you are doing very well


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